All Divine Religions are Composed of Two Parts

All Divine Religions are Composed of Two Parts

Some pertinent verses from the Writings: “…each of the divine religions is separable into two divisions. One concerns the world of morality and the ethical training of human nature. It is directed to the advancement of the world of humanity in general; it reveals and inculcates the knowledge of God and makes possible the discoveryRead More

Hiding your light under a bushel

I recently re-read an article entitled “Exploring the foundations of peace” presented on The newsworthy import of the article was intended to be an effort by the Baha’i Chair of World Peace at the University of Maryland, Dr. Hoda Mahmoudi, to interest academics in a discussion regarding world peace. “We invite many scholars toRead More

The Foundation of the Baha’i Faith

  Baha’u’llah teaches that all the Divine Religions are of two parts: the essential spiritual portion that is the same for all divine religions and unchanging, forever; and the secondary, or mundane, portion which deals with issues of society, wills, laws and ordinances, marriage, etc. These foundations of the Religion of God, which are spiritualRead More

Baha’is and Spontaneous Prayer

  For many decades, Baha’is in the West have read and spoken the eloquent and meaningful prayers once spoken or written by the Bab, Baha’u’llah, and Abdu’l-Baha. Over time, these prayers have been collected into books and placed under descriptive headings for easy searching. These books are a priceless resource for all people, Baha’i orRead More

The Second Birth

As Baha’is we know that to have Eternal Life, we must be “born again.” Why is this? “Know then that ‘life’ hath a twofold meaning. The first pertaineth to the appearance of man in an elemental body, and is as manifest to thine eminence and to others as the midday sun. This life cometh toRead More

Are Baha’is presenting the Faith backwards?

Are Baha’is presenting the Cause of God backwards? When we speak to non-Baha’is about the equality of men and women, a universal ancillary language, and other principles of the Faith, are we offering them the essential Truth of God, or a lifeless husk? Are we giving of our finest, which is directions to an intimate,Read More

“I bear witness…”

“I bear witness, O my God, that Thou hast created me to know Thee and to worship Thee.” from the Short Obligatory Prayer Each day Baha’is throughout the world recite the Short Obligatory Prayer, beginning with the first line, quoted above. That simple line of text has profound implications for all men. Throughout history menRead More

The Purpose of Religion

Religion has but one single noble purpose, and it is defined by the word itself. “Religion”, from the root religare “to bind fast”, speaks of a bond between man and God. Within religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Baha’i Faith, the close, immediate bond of communion of man and God is extolled inRead More

The Principle of the Power of the Spirit of God

The Holy Spirit it is which, through the mediation of the Prophets of God, teaches spiritual virtues to man and enables him to attain Eternal Life. All these blessings are brought to man by the Holy Spirit; therefore we can understand that the Holy Spirit is the Intermediary between the Creator and the created. TheRead More

Transformation of the Soul through the Spirit

Many Baha’is believe that all men have an eternal soul that will, after the death of the body, rejoice in the next worlds of God. Alas, the Manifestations of God tell us otherwise. Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha informed us that the human soul does not face annihilation after the physical death of the body; however, theyRead More